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Specialized Coating Technology LLC

SCT Internal Kiln Coatings

Flu Gas Corrosion and Heat Resistant Coating Applications

Specialized Coating Tech.

SCT Kiln Products

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SCT is a Protective Coating Applicator. We provide industrial surface cleaning and application of a wide variety of the latest high heat and industrial coatings. Our excellent reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our 20 plus years of experience. Just ask for our client reference list.

Industrial Coating Applicator:

SCT Has years of experience applying high performance coatings in industrial cement and petrochemical plants. We remain competitive by keeping our overhead low yet only apply the best products. SCT is OSHA and MSHA safety trained and our safety record speaks volumes of our continuing commitment to safety. 

SCT Kiln Products

Internal High Heat Coatings for Flue Gas Equipment:

The environmental elements of Flue Gases found in cement, aggregate and power plants can contain SO3, SO2, Nox and more. Kilns, Stacks, Baghouses and Scrubbers, and associated ductwork. are exposed to all manner of corrosive agents. We are an industry leader in the development of our own line of SCT Kiln Products high heat, self sacrificing coatings for internal flu gas kiln shell walls prior to refractory installation.

“Small Enough to Care”

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Kiln Coating Application